Problemuta Alinei

Alina a avut o mică problemuţă pentru cititorii blogului ei, printre care mă număr şi eu. Evident, I won! big grin Ştiu ştiu, am neuronei cuminţi şi deştepţi, mânca-i-ar mama.

Şi binenţeles că mi-am primit şi premiul. Cu ocazia asta o felicit pe Alina pentru că, nu ştiu cum a făcut şi ce surse a utilizat, dar povestioara următoare primită drept premiu, mi ni se potriveşte la fix.

TweetyOnce upon a time there was a King and a Queen.They lived in a lovely golden castle and had a beautiful daughter,Suzy. She never laughed or smiled, ” We will give a ring to the person who can make Suzy happy. “, said the Queen.

A musician came and played the violin, a fairy said a magic spell and a joker come and told jokes, but Suzy did not smile or laugh. A young IT Pro came to work at the Queen`s castle! He came with his cute little tweety.. who loved to play a lot.

One day Suzy saw the tweety and started to smile – then she laugh!!! big grin The Queen heard her daughter and saw the tweety.

The Queen gave the ring to the young IT Pro as promised for making her daughter laughed. Charmed by the beautiful princesses laugh, the young IT Pro asked her to mary him and gave her the ring. She said YEEEEES and they lived happily ever after.”

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Un comentariu
  1. alina spune:

    Se pare ca-ti citesc gandurile si sentimentele peeeerfect!! big grin
    Ma bucur ca ti-a placut premiul kiss


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