Dj Ironik – Stay with me

Ce poate face un kid îndrăgostit ca mine? Păi.. face ce face şi dă numai peste piese mai lente.. aşa.. specific sentimentului de “LOVE” happy

Stay with me don`t fall a sleep too soon
The angels can wait for a moment…
Stay with me don`t fall a sleep too soon
The angels can wait for a moment…

Listen, listen to the words
Dont`t cry for me when i`m gone
No point of wasted tears
Our time will come one day
And i`m just confronting my fears

I wanna see your face everytime i come home
Coz i can`t leave you like this in this cold world alone,
But, in this life we livin who knows
When i`ll be gone
I don`t wanna leave you

Life`s a game and we need to play it correct
Do the right moves and don`t get cought up
Be calm don`t be stressed, be sure to pass ya test
Stand your groung and don`t let others put you to the test

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4 Comentarii
  1. nebundelegat spune:

    Mda… ti-am virusat si tie blogosfera! (adik am intrat in spatiul tau intim de pe net)
    Marpha si piesa si videoclipul! winking

  2. SuZy spune:

    @nebundelegat: stiu si eu ce inseamna blogosfera si altele asemanatoare happy Oricum multumesc de reamintire happy

  3. nebundelegat spune:

    Te-am adaugat la blogroll, sper sa nu te deranjeze! tongue

  4. SuZy spune:

    @ nebundelegat: nah.. daca asa a vrut inimioara ta Ma mai pot opune? happy


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